Prices and conditions for accomodation and additional service at the Bucher Berg

The Bucher Berg is more than a place to sleep. Besides the regular prices for overnight stays, you can find our conditions for additional service like the use of buildings or the rental of tents here.

The fee for overnight stay includes:

The usage of the campsite and the sanitary facilitis, fresh- and wastewater,hot water, pole wood for tent constructions (must not be cut!) waste disposal and sport equipment (soccer goals,table tennis, a net for volleyball, balls), charcoal grills, fridges for food (limited space), a barbecue pavilion, shelters, staff' service (if available)

Additional equipment like firewood and tents are calculated seperately.

Important: During the time of the International Camp (months of july and august) it's not possible to use our kitchen and the program-house, because these facilities are used by our staff. During the other months you could use them by request.