Out now and brandnew: Imagefilm Bucher Berg

Out now: Our new imagefilm! During our international camp in summer 2015, we guided a group of scouts for 4 days, and we filmed them almost the whole day. The result is a typical day at the Bucher Berg. We are very proud to...[more]

Category: Expansion diary

VCP Bayern says thanks for the wood donation

Before winter comes, there was one more important meeting at Bucher Berg today: Leaders of VCP Bayern wanted to express their appreciation to the Staff of Forstdienststelle Breitenbrunn, who donated the wood of which the Bucher...


Join our staff 2016

Since now, you can download our application form for the staff 2016! Our next international camp takes place from the 4th of july to the 30th of july 2016. Due to our national jamboree (which takes place after the international...[more]

Category: International Camp

Staff out of order...

... With this weekend we close our annual International Camp. The staff will clean up the campsite, reduce the infrastructure a little bit and swing the broom. During this time, our voluntary construction team will arrive at the...[more]

Category: Staff

Our Staff 2015: Danny F., 24,

... is from the Netherlands, likes to do mud races, street-workout and obstacle runs. At the moment he has little problems to find enough mud for training his skills - because we have 30°C at the campsite since weeks.. :) [more]

Category: Staff

Our Staff 2015: Lux, 22

... ist bereits zum 2. Mal am Bucher Berg, steht auf die grüne Farbe der Staffklamotten und trainiert (fast) jede erdenkliche Art der Selbstverteidigung...[more]

Category: Staff

Our Staff 2015: Michi,

... works as Camp Director and wears "green" for the whole year due to this job....[more]

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