15.07.2016 13:00
Category: Staff, International Camp
By: Edith Wendler

Susan the Sheep in distress

Yes, even at Bucher Berg there may be sometimes some kind of drama going on. Just like this week. Read more about this in poor sheep Susans diary ...

Tuesday, 22:15 h

Yesterday evening I was roaming around with my beloved herd. But from far away a dandelion attracted me so much, that I had to go there. Karl, my bellwether bleated a warning, but I just couldent resist. Daringly I headed towards my irresistible dinner. „Oh gosh – I’m stuck!“

My heart sank into my wool. I was trapped. The more I tried to escape the more those nasty strings tightend up around my bootie.

Tuesday, 23:50 h

I bleat as loud as I could, the whole night long. In the moonlight I saw two human-shaped figures staring stupidly at me. „Go in and help me, you bloody idiots!“, I thought. But it was hopeless.

Wednesday, 8:00 h

Meanwhile I was so croaky and again there were 5 dumb bipeds in strange green sweaters staring at me.

Wednesday, 9:00 h

4 out of he 5 green-sweater-wearers payed me a short visit and realized my desperate situation.  But they ran off again.

Wednesday, 9:30 h

Again those green-sweater-wearers. This time they were in company of another odd fellow. His flap-trousers really made me shiver! But when he bended down and softly petted my wool, I immediately knew it: He was my saviour! Not long and I was free and able to head back to my herd. Quite embarrassing by the way … From relief I did a little fart and went away. I was safe!

Based on a true story