18.10.2016 16:42
Category: Staff
By: Edith Wendler

From 100 to 0 … the International Camp 2016!

98 days ago … the gates of the International camp 2016 opened again. This year was a very special year for the team all around the Bucher Berg on the basis of personnel gaps and that is the reason why the season ran a little bit differently than the other years before.

13 motivated team members, consisting of Staff and Camp Chiefs positioned themselves to the job to make this International Camp, a very special one and thus it also became!

No evening passed during three weeks on the campsite where somewhere a campfire did not burn, guitar music from the tents resounded or comfortable conversations found in the snug corners of the Bucher Berg. Common food rounds of all groups on the place were organized and a group transformed the Bucher Berg for a short time into a circus area …

During three weeks of the International Camp a lot happened on the campsite and offered the Staff and the Camp Chiefs lots of surprises. In spite of this clearly shortened time 15 groups from the home and foreign countries visited the place.

The Staff has accompanied the groups to great canoe excursions, the archery might teach children with the help of our new, top-modern curve shooting arrangement and put out groups at an unknown place from which they  should find the way back again to the Bucher Berg with the help of a map and a compass.

New acquaintances were closed, one got to know by the huge number of our guests and a lot about other scout's associations and traditions in other scout's countries.

All in all, we look back to a great camp with nice experiences and moments, to new friends and no bigger disasters can conclude contently … from 100 to 0.

After a longer break where the Bucher Berg was under other host of the bavarian Jambore of Bavaria Scouting the working group of the International Camp is again diligently into the work. At the moment we think up new advertising strategies, program points and a lot more for an exciting summer, 2017.