Handicraft work, invent, try.. In our category "Creativity" you are allowed to be creative as much as you want.

Build something for the campsite and make yourself unforgettable for the Bucher Berg. Furthermore you can print the Bucher Berg logo on lots of things: T-Shirts, wooden boards, buttons...! So you can take home your personal souvenir.

For the campsite

Commodities around the site and for the site - feel free to be creative! You want to build a special bench - or a mosaic - or a wooden pole with coloured pictures on it? We are looking forward to your beautification of our campsite!

"Surprise us, Staff ... !"

You can book your favorite staff member for a surprise program! Every staff member brings his own and favorite activity to the Bucher Berg; but we don't tell you what it is.

So if you are flexible and you want to be surprised - let's go! The number of participants depends on the activity.

Perform handicraft work with our logo

We have a branding iron to burn-in our logo in nearly any wooden thing (wooden board, cooking spoon,..), and we have a screenprint machine to print t-shirts and sweaters and so on. Also you can produce your own buttons with our button machine, e.g. as name plates or decoration.