The Bucher Berg: A site for many opportunities

An overview about the campsite: Where can i find what?

Our campsite is situated on a plateau at the edge of the sunny, sometimes rough valley of the river Altmühl. It's surrounded by one of the nicest nature reserves in europe

The camp site is owned by the VCP Land Bayern with it's office in nuremberg; and it offers both the atmosphere of a scout camp and the service of a youth camp.

Whether you need a place for the excursion of a youth group, a class trip or a scout camp - the Bucher Berg is just right for you.

The campsite is opened between april and september. During the months of july and august we are organizing the so called International Guide and Scout Camp; in the months of april, may, june and september we are working like a normal campsite for young people. Both guide and scout groups and groups of other young people are welcome. During the months of july and august, our voluntary staff is working at the campsite - we offer service and program-activities to our guests.

You can find informations about our campsite, the equipment, the region and everything which is related to the Bucher Berg at campsite.

If you are interested in the expansion of the campsite, you can klick at our Expansion Diary

Informations about the International Guide and Scout Camp you can read at International Camp - whether you are guest or you want to join the staff.

You are welcome!