We are getting better and better - for you!

Foto: Thomas Leimeister

The Bucher Berg offers lot's of space for picking up tents and having a fling. We have almost 16.000 square meters of area with several facilities and buildings, also the possibility to rent lots of things on-site.

Since 2011 we are working continuously to make the Bucher Berg nicer, more comfortable and better. As a result, we already have a new kiosk, a building for our program offers, a few shelters, a pavillion and a wood-fired stone oven.

Between 2014 and 2015 we finished the new sanitary facilities and kitchens, and in our new wooden tower.

We were supported by the Bavarian ministry for nutrition, agriculture and forest and the european agricultural fonds for the development of in rural communities as well as by the bavarian youth council, the evangelical church, the district youth council Oberpfalz and the county of Neumarkt.

Overview of our campsite

This is how our campsite looks like - only tents and groups are missing! Even though the pictures are really wide screens, you cannot imagine the real dimensions of the site. So come and visit us!

Pictures: Michael Trykowski