If his multiple technical difficulties stand in direct correlation to the fact that he never helped an old lady over the street still remains one of...

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You thought scouts smell ? Then you haven´t had Maries multicoloured sock collection under your nose jet.

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Now reached the mature age to drive the Skoda.

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Flags are flying in the wind, people in green are running around busily and the first guests are arriving at the campsite. The International Camp 2018...

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Miles the beavers journey to the Bucher Berg has successfully come to an end.

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preparation weekend
29. Jun 2018 - 01. Jul 2018

staff weekend
13. Jul 2018 - 15. Jul 2018

main season
16. Jul 2018 - 18. Aug 2018

dismantling weekend
18. - 19. Aug. 2018

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