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Build something for the campsite and make yourself unforgettable for the Bucher Berg. Furthermore you can print the Bucher Berg logo on lots of things: T-Shirts, wooden boards, buttons...! So you can take home your personal souvenir.

For the campsite

Commodities around the site and for the site - feel free to be creative! You want to build a special bench - or a mosaic - or a wooden pole with coloured pictures on it? We are looking forward to your beautification of our campsite!

"Surprise us, Staff ... !"

You can book your favorite staff member for a surprise program! Every staff member brings his own and favorite activity to the Bucher Berg; but we don't tell you what it is.

So if you are flexible and you want to be surprised - let's go! The number of participants depends on the activity.

Perform handicraft work with our logo

We have a branding iron to burn-in our logo in nearly any wooden thing (wooden board, cooking spoon,..), and we have a screenprint machine to print t-shirts and sweaters and so on. Also you can produce your own buttons with our button machine, e.g. as name plates or decoration.