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Environment and nature

Do the scavenger hunt around the Bucher Berg in the nice valley of the river Altmühl and look out for animals and plants. Or make your own jam and discover our herb spiral - or you take a walk and search wild herbs. Around the Bucher Berg we have meadows, forest, hills, rivers, fields.. Just look out!

Animals and plants - Scavenger hunt

We've designed a scavenger hunt around the campsite. On a map with the different stations you can find hints for your walk. Now and then you find stations along the way where you can find informations about the respective animal or plant.

Night excursion

All cats are grey at night? Explore the surrounding of the campsite at night in a different light setting - or better without any light!- and see who and what is still awake at night. You can also start at sunset and walk until it's dark.

Fruits of the nature - herb spiral

Discover herbs with all your senses! Self-made herb butter, oils or pesto improve your camping kitchen. Besides, we can give you useful informations about the healing effect of some herbs.

Make your own jam

Homemade jam? That doesn't take long, and it tastes much better than the regular jam from the supermarket. Try it!

Nature case


Put everything you need for research in the case and take a look around your tents - what's living in the grass? Get to know the nature from a different perspective and take a good look at the ground.


Discover the forest and its inhabitants from a different perspective. What do trees need to survive? Which trees are growing around the campsite? Are you able to find your tree only by touching and feeling, without the help of your eyes?


Drinking water, groundwater, river water - every water is different. We have a water analysis case to test and compare the water quality of rivers and lakes around the Bucher berg. So, if you want to know something about the animals living in the water, about the oxygen saturation or the pollution, you are just right here in this workshop!