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Explore the environment and make a Hajk. Or let us drop you off somewhere and find your way back to the campsite with map and compass. Or take part in our rallye and test your scouting skills! Perhaps you are looking forward to a walk at sunrise or at sunset? 



A Hajk in the valley of the river altmühl is a great experience. You can walk by foot along the river and explore the great nature with its biodiversity. Of course we have a few exciting tasks along your way which have to be solved, and we'd like to give you advice concerning the choice of your route. We have a lots of maps and compasses at the site.


At Drop-out/ Dropping you can test your orientation skills. We drop you off anywhere and you have to find your way back to the campsite. Your only tools are a map and a compass. Depending on how difficult you want to design your trip, we could drop you off at night or a little bit further away.


"Learning by Doing"- that's the motto of our rallye. Test your skills and creativity at the different tasks and explore scouting.

Thoughts of the Day

Get up early - very early! We start before sunrise and walk to the edge of a forest. Then we listen to many singing birds, and we can try to distinguish them by their voice. Do you know the difference between a blackbird and a finch? While listening to the great sound of many birds we start our day slowly and contemplatively.

We will give you a few thoughts for the new day, too. You will be surprised how refreshed and relaxed you are after that!