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Sports and Action


Fun and play with bow and arrow

Archery is an old way of hunting animals, and many children are still making their own small easy bows with natural materials. We've got different professionel training bows for varied ages and with varied traction - and we've got professionel targets to shoot at.

Archery combines a lot of skills which you can try out, e.g. accuracy, skill, strength and eyesight-hand coordination. Of course you will be instructed by our staff.



Hike by canoe on the river Altmühl

We've got 14 canoes with 3 seats and an additional trailer for transport. The staff can manage the shuttle to the river altmühl with a van. The valley of the river is famous for great hikes by canoe-you can choose between short trips (1/2 or 1 day) or you decide to make a multi-day expedition. Gladly we'd give you advice about possible routes and camping possibilities along the river. The nature along the river is one of the most famous and protected environments in Bavaria.


Low ropes course

Tension - climbing - balance

In the small pine forest at the edge of the campsite we've installed a new low ropes course in the year 2014. A low ropes course is a mixture between fixed slacklines and playground - we've mounted steel cables, balancing ropes, wooden parts, hanging bridges and so on in a route of several elements. Here you can check your balance and your team-skills: It's nearly impossible to walk through on your own. So you are dependent on the other members of your group to pass the low ropes course. You will see, it's much more difficult than it sounds!

The low ropes course is built up and supervised by our staff.