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viewing tower

Our viewing tower is both the heart and the landmark of Bucher Berg. You can overwatch almost the complete campsite or use it as meeting point that cannot be missed. The groups at Bucher Berg can also put up their flags at the flagpole.

campfire places

At our site you can find several fixed fireplaces which can be used by everyone. Please don't make open fire on the grass. We have transportable firebowls which you can use in the pavilion or directly in your tent (if suitable).

construction pole wood

Of course you don't have to carry your construction pole wood to the Bucher Berg - we have enough for you to build even quite big constructions. 


Two simple shelters offer space for up to 10 persons who want to spent a night without a tent. Well suited for groups who want to be closer to nature for a night - or who want to leave early in the morning without loosing time for dismantling their tents.

pavilion for barbecue

The large pavilion for barbecue offers space for around 30 persons. Here you can put up a firebowl or a barbecue. The pavilion can be used in many ways: For a round besides the campfire, for meetings or a meal.  Because it's roofed and paved, you can easily use the pavilion even when it's raining. It's made like a jurt, you can also cover the open sides ...


We offer 6 lockable, large fridges for groups. The fridges will be allocated according to the number of groups and people on the site, so please make sure that you don't buy too much food because of probably limited space - we have shopping facilities around. The use of the fridges is for free.

warm water pot sinks

At the outside of the girls' sanitary facility you can find six large kitchen sinks for washing up your dishes, pans, pots, plates ...

stone baking oven

Opposite main building the original stone-oven invites our guests to bake bread, rolls and even pizza.  The millstone beside it can be used to mill your flour, if you want to produce your pizza in a really traditional and rustic way. Feel free to ask the Location Management for a briefing.