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Experience Internationality

The International Guide and Scout Camp Bucher Berg is a colourful get together of scouts, guides and young people from all over the world.

During this time we accomodate up to 400 people. Those people live together, spend time with each other, exchange experiences and get to know each other. We have good reason not to divide the site into plots; we don't have fences and we don't allow exclusive bookings.

Why that? We want our guests to get to know each other,to get in contact and to share experiences, and this leads to common decision processes and mutual understanding.

Acting together

During the International Guide and Scout Camp, our on-site staff offers a varied program, which includes mainly scouting and experiental education activities. The activities are open for everybody, you can sign in alone or with your group. So you have the chance to get to know other guests in a relaxed atmosphere.

It is better to work together instead of against each other

We want to offer the possibility for a fair cooperation - that starts with the staff who is living together at the site and ends with the common cleaning of the sanitary facilities by all guests. When people with different origin and with varied cultural backgrounds come together at the camp fire and start singing and exchanging, there's space for openness and for new and different thinking.

We don't have room for discrimination, rejection or intolerance.

Volunteer work in focus

Our staff works voluntarily - and that's great!

We offer the chance to active citizenship and participation. We give young people a chance to test their skills in a protected context, guided by professionals. By taking part in our staff you can practice democratic discussions.

We will also give you a elaborate report and certificate about your participation in the staff!

Getting active!

Everybody can get active at the Bucher Berg - you can bring your own program, or you participate in our program-suggestions. We offer varied and exciting activities.

But on site we expect active guests, too! It is our wish that everybody takes care of the campsite. We have obligatory common services to keep everything in good condition. Sounds worse than it is - our staff makes sure the even cleaning the showers can be fun!

You are allowed to stay curious!

Think global - act local!

The term "International Camp" already contains the term „internationality“. We want to support intercultural competence and  break down the barriers of prejudice.

The members of our staff and our guests come from different countries. The camp language is English, and everybody can communicate with their hands and feet… ..

Besides our global connections we are also very local. We are situated in an incredibly great landscape and environment, we cooperate with local companies and institutions, and we buy the major part of our food supply in our kiosk from local distributors.

We think that Sustainability is very important for guides and scouts.