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Our staff system

The staff at the Bucher Berg consists of about 20 people who are not staying the whole time on the site. Normally 8-10 staff members are present, they usually stay about two to three weeks, but foreign staff members often stay longer.

The management includes the camp chief and the program director, who are supported in their jobs by the camp director.

Only the camp director is a paid employee, the rest are volunteers.

The staff consists of guides and scouts from guide and scout assocations which are accepted worldwide by the WAGGGS or the WOSM. Besides, we are member in the "European Scout Voluntary Programme", and we pursue the aims of this exchange program.

Our primary aim is it to show and to practice scouting methods during the time of the International Camp. This includes e.g. the reliable fulfilment of certain tasks, the respectful the respectful behaviour, and also an open mind.

Besides, we want to give every staffmember the possibility to bring in his or her own skills and character in a protected environment.

In the past years we were happy about a few nice examples, in which European and other international staffmembers were able to bring in parts of their culture - e.g. Tadaschi (from Japan) showed us Japanese characters, and Kati (from Hungary) explained a special technique to draw easter-eggs. International learning becomes a byproduct of program activities.

This new knowledge will be integrated in our program in the next year, if possible. Our program developes with every year with the staff's experiences.

By living together with the guests at the campsite and the other staffmembers, the learning of social skills should be encouraged.

These skills is required in many parts: Speaking in a foreign language to make it possible to understand international guests; showing consideration for other religions or traditions; living together as a kind of "family" in the staff while you are in permanent contact to our guests; the execution of a program based on experiential learning and scouting - all these areas are considered as a pracitcal extension of you horizon!

So some standards are required or acquired „on the job“. The skills and knowledge of our staff are constantly improved and broadened.

Foreign staff members need to understand the importance of seperating the rubbish, and why it's so important to avoid walking over the protected lawn around the campsite. Every staff member has to be instructed in our workshops and program activities, so that they are able to serve our guests.

Due to our high standards the International Guide and Scout Camp Bucher Berg is accredited as a internship/trainee institution for educaters or social workers during their studies. 

Our staff is mainly responsible for the support of our guests and to draw attention to the present groups on the site.

They organize activities, provide service e.g. in the kiosk or transport, maintain our infrastructure on the site (e.g. small repairs, the maintenance of tools, care for the area) and make sure that the camp rules are observed. Our staff is always helpful, brings our guests together and offer the activities.

Expiry of a typical staff's day

The day of our staff normally starts at 7.30am with the awaken by the night-watch and ends normally at 11.00pm We have some fixed dates to structure the day.

  • 08.00 am: common Breakfast
  • 09.00 am: Begin of the program and activities
  • 12.00: common Lunch
  • 2.00 pm: Begin of the program and activities
  • 7.00 pm: common Dinner
  • 10.00 pm: staff's meeting

Also at 10.00 pm also the camp chief and the program director meet the responsible leaders of the present groups at the "leaders roundtable" to talk about the program, common activities, special things ant potential problems on the site. The aim is to make life easy and comfortable for everyone and support exchange among the groups.

Every night, one of the staffmembers is the night watch and sleeps at a special place (with a little red latern outside) to be the contact person at night if somebody has a problem on the site.

Every staffmember has the possibility to get off the site for one day/week. On this day you should leave the site to prevent "cabin fever". Foreign staffmembers can combine several days to make a short trip through Bavaria, if wanted. Besides, the whole staff takes half-day off/week for common activities which are organized by the camp chief/camp director.

The choice of the days-off are depending on the weekly schedule and the number of present groups, the booked program activities and other work on the site. The weekly schedule is set up by the camp chief and the program manager in cooperation with the staff.


During the International Camp, the staff lives together like a big family - that also means, that there are certain rules and duties which have to be obeyed.

The staffmembers sleep in fixed installed tents (only one more year!) with a small individual area offering privacy, electricity and a camp bed. The staff's tasks concerning the guest's service and the different program activities at the next day are distributed in the staff meetings in the evening.

As staff members are a model for our guests, we expect that they obey the same rules as the guests do. Living and working closely tohether is not always easy, so you need a sense of community and comradeship.

The staff is voluntary, that means we don't pay wages for your work.

But: As a small allowance everybody gets free meals and accomodation, the neccessary insurances and working clothes (T-shirt, sweater,polo shirt name plate) in the famous Bucher Berg colours. Staff from abroad also recieve 70€/4 weeks as pocket money.